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health insurance broker seattle

Learning the Terms You Need to Understand Healthcare Coverage

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When a health issue arises, the last thing you want to think about is your coverage and benefits.  Many words and terms will be thrown at you with little to no explanation.  If you ask for help, it is frequently difficult to find the “right” person and you may get multiple answers to one question. 

health insurance broker seattle

Some companies will have a health insurance broker seattle, but many others may not.  So I compiled a few key terms and what they mean to help you navigate the murky waters of health insurance.

Copayment (Copay)

A copay is what you pay upfront to the healthcare provider at the time of getting a health service.  It can range from inexpensive, 25 dollars, and up.  However, this does not mean that you won’t get a bill at the end of the appointment. 


A deductible is how much of your own money you have to pay before your health care coverage will kick in.  For example, each year your deductible can be 3,000 dollars.  You are expected to pay 3,000 dollars for services and after that the insurance will cover you 100%.

In-network/ Out- of- network providers

Each health care network will have specific doctors and hospitals that are in-network.  Think about it like they are friends, while out- of- network providers are acquaintances, but they don’t have the same deals.  You usually want to stay in -network because it will be cheaper.

Inpatient Services/ Outpatient services

Inpatient services include when you need to stay the night in the hospital and outpatient services are everything else when you do not need to sleep at the hospital.

While there are many more words you should learn, this can get you a quick start.  Remember to always advocate for yourself and ask anyone to stop and explain because at the end of the day, it is your health. 

expert witness services

They Know More

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In the courtroom before judge and jury, or at the table as attorneys meet to discuss possible settlement, the righteous cause of judgment demands truth. It also demands knowledge.

Often, matters between parties being taken care of under the auspices of the legal system are incredibly complex.  They wouldn’t need to be settled in court, among attorneys or judges if they weren’t so intricately detailed. Truth and knowledge demand expert witness services.

expert witness services

Anyone who has ever applied for a loan knows how complicated borrowing and credit policy is. Most of us lay people can’t even begin to imagine the layer-upon-layer, the maze of details connecting to still more details, that make up federal financial regulations and statues.

People who have purchased or sold property understand all they don’t understand about real estate law, from federal and state law, down to the minutia of county, city, and town regulations.

The banking industry has a language all its own. From the smallest of community banks to the largest lenders to business giants, those in the field have insight and insider knowledge no one on the outside could ever hope to possess.

Bankruptcy laws are also terribly difficult to process, let alone to walk through, alone.  When the financial lives of families, small businesses, or corporations are at stake, these are details it behooves all of us to get right.

No one can know enough about everything.  That’s why we have specialists. That’s why we have professionals spending their careers dedicated to one discipline, one industry, one area, becoming experts of details in their field.

We need to connect with people when they know far more than we do about an area of law when we are in a dispute. Attorneys need wise people to call on for their expertise.

local bail bondsman washington pa

Common Reasons for Arrest in Washington

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No one anticipates going to the slammer, but sometimes life has a way of taking its own road and behind bars is where you land. Luckily, it is not the end of the world if you call a local bail bondsman washington pa to help you bond out of jail. Most people use bondsman to help them get out of jail. It is just easier that way, not to mention so much cheaper, too.

local bail bondsman washington pa

People in the Washington area can be arrested for any crime they commit, whether itis a simple misdemeanor charge or a serious felony. However, some charges are more common in Washington than others. It is these criminal charges that send more people in the area to jail than the rest.

Assault is one of the most common reasons for arrest in Washington. There are a few degrees of assault. Simple assault occurs when you cause bodily harm to another person or cause fear that you will. Aggravated assault is more serious. It is a felony charge and occurs when you cause severe bodily harm to a person or when there is a weapon used in the assault.

This is only one of the charges that send people to jail in Washington, however it is quite common to see people behind bars for the charge. Other reasons for arrest include alcohol and drug offenses. DUI is a common reason for arrest. It occurs when a person gets behind the wheel after consuming alcoholic beverages or drugs and tests a BAC of 0.8% or better. Drug offenses vary from simple possession to trafficking.

No matter what type of crime you are charged with committing and arrested, there is a bondsman who can help you get out of jail fast. Use their services when necessary!

life insurance quotes woodbridge va

Life Insurance is Important Coverage Everyone Needs

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Now is the time to find a life insurance policy if you currently lack this important coverage. Never assume tomorrow is just a day away. The truth is that it is a day that we are never promised. You certainly do not want to endure the unexpected without life insurance and leave loved ones behind to mourn while they swelter in debt.

Life insurance is there when you pass away. It provides the money needed for funeral costs and final expenses, which can be a considerable chunk of change. The average funeral costs just under $10,000 these days. The money also provides a nest egg for your family to use after you’re gone. This is especially important if you are the breadwinner in the home.

life insurance quotes woodbridge va

Choose the amount of insurance you need, the type of coverage you want, and let the research begin. All life insurance policies are not created the same so do not assume they are and purchase the first policy you find. This could be the biggest mistake that you make at this time.

It is easy to obtain life insurance quotes woodbridge va at no cost to find the company who offers the best rates for the coverage that you need. Many people obtain quotes online, but it is just as easy to get them in person or by phone if you wish. It is all up to you to decide, as long as you get your quotes.

Quotes help you find the best policy and the best prices. Most people decline life insurance due to the costs and feeling they’ll be unable to pay the monthly premiums. But, the truth is there are many types of coverage and many companies so it is not that hard to get a policy that matches your budget and needs.