4 Simple Ways to Avoid Debt

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It is easy to get into debt and hard to get out of debt. There are so many people who understand this firsthand as we speak. The solution to avoid debt altogether! With a bit of planning and restraint, remaining debt-free isn’t as difficult as you might suspect. Try the four strategies listed below to help in the quest of avoiding debt.

1.  DIY

There are many ways to handle repairs and problems without an expert. When you choose to DIY, there is a tremendous amount of cash leftover that you’ve saved. There are many projects that you can handle yourself, from clogged toilets to interior painting. Consider DIY to save money and avoid racking up thousands of dollars’ worth of debt to hire a professional to tend to your needs.

2.  Avoid Credit Cards

At a maximum, have one credit card available to use in your possession. More than one is simply asking for trouble. Do not carry the card that you have chosen in your wallet, however. Leave it in a bedroom drawer or other safe location to use only for a rainy day emergency. Credit cards are financial traps you do not want to fall into.

3.  Save Money

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Avoid unnecessary purchases, use coupons and special deals, and compare options before spending any money.  The extra cash that is left over should be placed into a savings or bank account. An emergency fund with at least 90-days of expenses is recommended. Save at least $1 each day or work out a savings plan that works for your budget!

4.  Know When to Call for Help

When you’re overwhelmed with debt, know the signs and call for professional help. Several options offer the perfect solution for debt relief pittsburgh pa, but you’ll learn only when consulting the experts for help.