They Know More

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In the courtroom before judge and jury, or at the table as attorneys meet to discuss possible settlement, the righteous cause of judgment demands truth. It also demands knowledge.

Often, matters between parties being taken care of under the auspices of the legal system are incredibly complex.  They wouldn’t need to be settled in court, among attorneys or judges if they weren’t so intricately detailed. Truth and knowledge demand expert witness services.

expert witness services

Anyone who has ever applied for a loan knows how complicated borrowing and credit policy is. Most of us lay people can’t even begin to imagine the layer-upon-layer, the maze of details connecting to still more details, that make up federal financial regulations and statues.

People who have purchased or sold property understand all they don’t understand about real estate law, from federal and state law, down to the minutia of county, city, and town regulations.

The banking industry has a language all its own. From the smallest of community banks to the largest lenders to business giants, those in the field have insight and insider knowledge no one on the outside could ever hope to possess.

Bankruptcy laws are also terribly difficult to process, let alone to walk through, alone.  When the financial lives of families, small businesses, or corporations are at stake, these are details it behooves all of us to get right.

No one can know enough about everything.  That’s why we have specialists. That’s why we have professionals spending their careers dedicated to one discipline, one industry, one area, becoming experts of details in their field.

We need to connect with people when they know far more than we do about an area of law when we are in a dispute. Attorneys need wise people to call on for their expertise.